Friday, March 11, 2011


Yes!!You can park Your RV @ Wal-Mart overnight!!

Parking (not us) at Wal- Marts

Over Night Parking at Wal-Marts
Can you live RVing without a Wal-Mart store?  
Of course you can, but I wouldn’t want to try if 
were  planning  on RVing very much.Why not? 
Well let me put it this way. When my wife and I
 were making our retirement plans , we decided
 that we would try to visit each one of the 
49 (continental) states and that is what we did, 
staying a minimum of 3 days in each state.
Our retirement plans were to leave Florida (where we lived), in early 
April and not return until late October. We did this for over 14 years. 
We have parked in many, many Wal-Mart parking lots in our travels.  
If you plan to utilize Wal-Marts parking lots in your travels,this is 
what you need to do, if you don’t already know. First, you needto go 
to a Wal-Mart  store and buy a copy of ”Wal-mart’s  Rand McNally  
road Atlas  for 2011". Open your Atlas road map  and you will find that
Wal-Mart has listed every one of their Wal-Mart and Samsclub stores, 
state by state. Also, they list each store number and address, what 
stores are within one mile of an interstate highway exit, what the 
interstates are and what the Exits numbers are. 
The stores open 24 hrs are highlighted. It will list what  the store has to 
offer, (a pharmacy, a tire/lube express, a gas station, RV accessories, a 
food service, a 1 hr photo, a vision center and a “map key” and “GPS 
co-ordinates”) so you can locate the store on the state map.  Most, 
but not all, Wal-Mart stores allow over-night parking. If in doubt, ask.  
All store managers have final say! We have done a lot of  
”over-nighting” in a Wal-Mart parking lot with never a problem. 
Just remember,use good sense when staying over-night. Don’t pull 
your awning out or even get your chairs out.Wal- mart allows you to
stay over-night to rest and sleep, not to party. You may be asked to
 leave if you do! Treat your over-night stay as a privilege, not a right.
Wal-mart is a very big reason that we could afford to travel around 
the country so much. Wal-Mart  have welcomed RVers for many 
years, graciously allowing over night RV parking intheir parking 
lots.  As a point of interest, Wal-mart has over 2,500 Supercenters. 
Of these, there are approximately 450 “no parking” stores. 
(2008 figures) 
We also have parked at Home Depot building Supplys, and Lowes 
Building Supplys, parking lots.  Here it would be best to check
 with the manager first because they have trucks coming in at all
hours and they don’t want you in the way…. Here we are at a
Wal marts....Happy Trails, my friends, Happy trails....

Andalways remember to park on the edge of the parking lot away
from popular heavily used parking areas and under a floodlight 
whenever possible.

Another RV (not us) parking at Wal Marts
Here we are parking  on a Wal Mart's Parking Lot

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