Saturday, April 16, 2011


The U S Government's; "Spend now--Pay later" Scam !

I know that most everyone are aware of our spiraling national debt.
Unfortunately, most everyone thinks that our Government is competent
enough to handle it. I do believe  they could, but that they won't. They want to
put on a show of being concerned, but plan to pass it on to the next congress
because it is easier
The debt figures out to $48,382 dollars per person.This scares the living crap out
of the average family, but doesn't seem to bother the average wealthy family at all.
Do you want to have some fun that will educate as well as entertain you?
Follow your money below. See what you paid into each 2010.
Oops,did you run out of money? How much do you have to borrow to pay your
fair share of the debt your congressmen put you into in 2010? Where are you
going to get it.  Well,don't worry folks, your congressmen will borrow it for you
and you can pay them interest! Aren't they a great bunch of guys
and girls that we elected to look out for us!

The Federal Tax Receipt for 2010.

(Enter the U.S. total taxes you paid for each line,based on your Federal Return);

Social Security                                                  20.4%       $0.00
Defense                                                            20.2%       $0.00
Medicare                                                          13.1%       $0.00
Low-income assistance                                     9.3%       $0.00
Medicaid                                                          7.9%        $0.00
Net interest payments                                       6.6%        $0.00
Unemployment compensation                           4.7%        $0.00
Veterans Affairs                                               3.1%        $0.00
Education                                                         2.9%         $0.00
Law enforcement and homeland security            2.4%         $0.00
Transportation                                                  2.3%         $0.00
Health (not Medicare and Medicaid)                   2.0%         $0.00
Management of federal employees and buildings 1.4%         $0.00
Environmental protection and natural resources   1.0%         $0.00
Space and science                                             0.7%         $0.00
Agriculture                                                       0.7%         $0.00
Housing and community planning                     0.6%         $0.00
Social services                                                 0.6%         $0.00
Foreign aid                                                       0.6%         $0.00

Foreign aid                                                       0.6%         $0.00
Workplace safety and rights                              0.5%         $0.00
Diplomacy and embassies                                 0.4%         $0.00
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)                          0.4%         $0.00
Energy                                                             0.4%         $0.00
Statistics and weather                                       0.3%         $0.00
Telecommunications                                         0.3%         $0.00
Trade and economic development                     0.3%         $0.00
Native Americans                                             0.2%         $0.00
Congress                                                         0.2%         $0.00
Post Office                                                      0.1%         $0.00
Arts and culture                                               0.1%         $0.00
District of Columbia                                        0.0%         $0.00
White House                                                   0.0%         $0.00
Bailouts, currency & financial regulation          -3.7%         $0.00

The following is the National Debt as of:1/1/2011    ($14,025,215,218,709)

Each American's share of the debt:           $48,382

(Change in your share of the debt in 2010:)   +$5,768

Now, do you have a plan for paying back your $48,382 share of the debt?
Oh,thats right,congress is going to pay them for you and you can pay congress.
Yea right! That sounds like a congress plan to me. Keep your eyes open!

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